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RoofSource does much more than sell roofing products. As a manufacturer representative company, we partner with our clients on their roofing projects end-to-end. We help our clients assess their project needs, recommend the best products and specifications for their needs and budget, create a scope of work, assist with the contractor selection process, and maintain an on-site presence to make sure the job is done right.

Commercial Roof Assessment

Whether you need roofing repair or replacement, or whether you’re performing a simple maintenance inspection, RoofSource can provide an unbiased assessment of the condition of your roof and any services you need or don’t need. We visit the structure in person, inspect the roof to find out its condition, and prepare a full evaluation to assess the repair needs, if any. 

Product Selection

You have many factors to consider when selecting roofing products, including the type of roof, building use, location, climate zone, exposure to weather and/or chemicals, budget, and other considerations. We partner with many manufacturers who offer a wide range of product lines, giving us the ability to help you select the ideal roofing solutions for your needs.

Specification Writing

Roof specification writing defines what is needed to have the building meet building codes and industry-level standards, including the exact types of materials to be used so that bidders can incorporate those costs into their quotes. We help create a full set of construction documents that outline the repair or replacement of your commercial roofing system, including roof plans, product data sheets, project conditions, technical specifications, and the products recommended for the task at hand.

Budget Consideration

We represent product lines designed for many different roof types at varying price points, which gives us the latitude to recommend roofing solutions for a wide range of budgets. Understanding your budget expectations helps us make critical decisions and have frank conversations with you about how far your budget will go and what we can or cannot achieve within budget.

Contractor Selection

The contractor bidding process can be very confusing for building owners because every contractor has a different opinion on what needs to be done. We level the playing field by working with you to determine the scope of work and specifications beforehand. We then invite trusted contractors to review the project and bid on it. This process gives you a fair id comparison, so it’s much easier to choose the right contractor for the job.

On-Site Project Presence

RoofSource doesn’t just sell roofing products: we maintain a presence to ensure those products are installed to the manufacturer’s specifications. We visit the worksite to ensure the project kicks off correctly and then follow up with visits to ensure the installation goes according to plan. Our goal is for the final inspection to have as few items on the punch list as possible, ensuring the installation qualifies for warranty specifications.


RoofSource goes through a multi-step process to make sure your roofing project needs are fully met.

Step One: Discovery Meeting

We begin by scheduling a meeting with you to ascertain your needs for the project, considering your goals for the building and your budget.

Step Two: Building Assessment

We conduct a physical inspection of your roof itself, and we provide you an unbiased evaluation of the roof’s condition and the work that needs to be done.

Step Three: Scope of Work and Specification Documents

We draw from our interview and building assessment to provide options best suited to your needs based on many factors such as building codes, project location, system features, life-cycle costs, and available tax incentives. We compile these into documentation, detailing the scope of work to be performed, products to be used, and specifications to be presented to contractors.

Step Four: Bidding and Contractor Selection

We invite qualified contractors to bid competitively on the project based on the scope of work and specifications we have compiled. These bids are submitted directly to you to keep the process fair and unbiased.

Step Five: On-site Project Monitoring

At the beginning of construction, we show up to review the scope of work and specifications with the contractor you select and make sure the project starts correctly. We follow up with additional visits to monitor progress and provide a final inspection and report on the finished project.

Our job is simple – to protect your building assets.


RoofSource only partners with reputable manufacturers of building materials committed to standing behind their products’ performance.


Based in Carlisle, PA, Carlisle WIP, a division of Carlisle Construction Materials Incorporated, has led the roofing industry to manufacture reliable, durable roofing products for more than a half-century. They specialize in high-quality rubberized asphalt underlayment membranes that offer superior waterproofing and ice dam protection. Their products are UL-classified and compatible with many roof systems, including asphalt, metal, clay tile, concrete, and synthetic.


Versico, based in Carlisle, PA, is a highly trusted company that produces TPO, PVC, and EPDM membranes of exceptional quality, along with a line of accompanying components like sealants and adhesives, flashings, vapor barriers, and more. After only 25 years in business, Versico is recognized as one of the top three single-ply roofing system manufacturers in the United States.


Headquartered in Brooklyn Park, MN, Babcock-Davis has a 100-year history of producing superior quality roof hatches, along with other commercial roof access and safety products. Their roof hatches are loaded with easy installation and safety features that meet or exceed virtually all building codes and fire safety regulations. Additional products include access doors, floor doors, smoke vents, luminous egress, wall-and-door protection, and fire protection products.


Hailing from their corporate headquarters in Schoolcraft, MI, Chemlink is an industry leader in developing and producing eco-friendly, high-performance adhesives, sealants, coatings, and related products for contractors roofing industry professionals. Their products are solvent-free and low-VOC making them a great choice for “green roofs” and building projects pursuing LEED certification. Chemlink offers sealants for windows, doors, siding, concrete/masonry, and more, in addition to roofing products.

TRP Roof Products

A national manufacturer of liquid roofing materials used to repair, maintain, and restore a variety of roofing systems, TRP Roof Products has been in business for over 60 years. The company built its quality reputation in the asphaltic business and in recent years expanded that reputation for quality into elastomeric coatings and allied repair products. TRP offers a full range of professional grade asphalt, acrylic, and silicone roofing products, including roof cements, primers, adhesives, and coatings that are designed to withstand the harshest climates and extreme weather conditions. 


In less than 25 years in business, Hunter has quickly established itself as an industry leader in Polyiso roofing insulation. Producing a broad line of insulation panels for flat, low-slope, and steep-slope roof types, Hunter’s insulation panels are recognized for their thermal performance, energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, and high R-value. Headquartered in Portland, Maine, Hunter currently operates seven manufacturing plants throughout the United States.

World Oil

As a family-owned oil company for more than 80 years, California-based World Oil produces and transports a range of high-quality petroleum products. World Oil is one of the largest high-quality asphalt providers for built-up roofing systems for the nation’s roofing industry. Known as an oil company with a conscience, World Oil also emphasizes and encourages environmentally responsible practices, focusing much of its energies on recycling oil, water, antifreeze, and fuel and providing environmental services for the safe handling of hazardous waste.


Over its history spanning more than 100 years, USG has become one of the most trusted and recognized brands in the building industry. Widely known as the inventor of drywall, USG manufactures a full array of construction materials for all aspects of the building process. The roofing industry relies heavily on USG’s selection of structural concrete roof boards and panels for roof decks. An industry leader in sustainability practices, USG made Barron’s list of the 100 Most Sustainable Companies in 2018. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, USG employs nearly 7000 people at 49 manufacturing facilities.


SOPREMA has been a leading manufacturer of waterproofing materials since 1908.  By becoming a world leader in waterproofing, insulation, roofing, and soundproofing, the group is a key player in the construction sector. SOPREMA’s products and services aim to meet the needs of construction’s most demanding professionals with regard to weatherproofing the building envelope.

Gino Development

Gino Development Inc. imports products sold under the TruePower and Anaconda brand names. We are a California based wholesaler specializing in power tools & tool accessories, as well as home improvement, automotive products, home & garden, outdoor & recreational gear, electronic & tech gadgets. Online retail distribution channels include, and

With so many trusted companies, brands, and product lines available to us, and with our commitment to ensure the proper use of these products, RoofSource is your best partner for finding the best products, contractors, and resources for your next roofing project. Contact us to learn more.


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