Roof Specification Writing

RoofSource offers roof specification writing services to ensure you’re getting a high-quality commercial roof system installed by trusted professionals.

Before you entertain bids from roofing contractors for your commercial roofing system installation, it’s critical to have roofing specifications written. By having these documents prepared by independent experts, you can rest assured you’re receiving competitive bids based on the same product data, roof area, and scope of work.


What Does Roof Specification Writing Entail?

Roof specification writing involves creating a full set of construction documents that outline the repair or replacement of your commercial roofing system. These documents include roof plans, data sheets, project conditions, and technical specifications. These documents should detail what type of roof system you need, what roofing products will serve the project best, and how the new roof’s installation will meet building codes and ensure maximum life cycle. Submittal of these documents to prospective contractors helps ensure you’re getting fair, competitive bids based on the same data and scope of work.

Well prepared roofing specifications may include (but won’t be limited to) the following information:

  • Guidelines for roof demolition, if applicable
  • Dimensions and standard specifications for the new roof, including flat/low slope roofing, decking, roof drains, vents, roof edges, HVAC, etc.
  • Preparation requirements for roof deck and substrate
  • Prescribed underlayments, vapor barrier, waterproofing, and roof insulation/insulation board specifications, along with recommended manufacturers
  • Prescribed roof coverings, surfacing, and type (e.g., bituminous roofing/asphalt shingles, metal roofing, single-ply roof membrane system)
  • Prescribed membrane roofing type (e.g., SBS, TPO, EPDM) and recommended manufacturers
  • Prescribed fastener types and recommended manufacturers
  • Guidelines and recommendations regarding other roofing materials and roofing work — including sealant, expansion joints, sheet metal, metal flashing, elastomeric roof coating, etc.
  • Installation guidelines for all products and materials
  • Warranty requirements for the entire roof system

Advantages of Roof Specification Writing

Without having independent roofing specifications prepared, you’re liable to get a wide range of bids from prospective contractors, each based on varying scopes of work and quality of materials. If you simply accept a bid based on price, you’re more likely to get a roof that causes more headaches for you down the road — one that requires more maintenance, has a shorter life expectancy, and ultimately reduces your ROI.

By taking the step of roof specification writing beforehand, backed by quality assurance inspections, you eliminate the guesswork from what you need from a prospective contractor. Your bids are all based on the same set of data, which allows you to make a clear comparison. And by bidding out the project to multiple companies, you’ll also get more competitive bids, making your budget stretch farther. And finally, these specifications will give you peace of mind knowing the installers will complete the roofing work to manufacturer’s specifications based on the documents.

How RoofSource Can Help

Once we understand your needs and budget, RoofSource will collaborate with reliable, independent specifiers to produce the ideal roof specifications for your project. We can also provide referrals to a selection of proven, trusted roofing contractors when you bid the project out, and we’ll review the bids with you to make sure you’re getting the best value for your budget.

Why Partner with RoofSource?

RoofSource helps you streamline and simplify your selection of commercial roofing products by matching you with the best products for your needs and budget. We follow a simple process:

  • We listen, survey and analyze your budget.
  • We provide options best suited to your needs based on many factors such as building codes, project location, system features, life-cycle costs and available tax incentives.
  • We collaborate with specifiers and contractors, produce specifications and review bids to ensure you’re getting the best results.
  • We work closely with those affiliated with your project and have a presence on-site.
  • We follow up, provide a final review and report on the project.

Let RoofSource help you get the best value for your money on your next commercial roofing project. To learn more about our roof specification writing services, contact RoofSource today.


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