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About us

RoofSource is a building products manufacturer representative company serving the commercial roofing needs of property owners and managers throughout Arizona. We supply high-quality commercial roofing and building products supplemented by a wide range of additional roofing services to ensure every roofing project meets the highest safety and quality standards while complying with Arizona building codes. Learn more about us here.

Commercial Roofing Arizona

RoofSource represents many of the most respected roofing brands in the industry, but we do much more than supply roofing products. We work closely with our Arizona clients to assess their commercial roofing needs and recommend the best products to meet their specific challenges. We also coordinate with trusted contractors and architects and provide end-to-end monitoring and support to ensure your roof is installed according to manufacturer specifications.

Commercial Roofing Arizona – take a closer look at some of the services we offer:

  • Roof assessments. We will conduct an in-person physical inspection of your roof to evaluate its condition. We will then prepare a full report that provides a neutral assessment of your roof’s condition and any repair work that needs to be done.
  • Product selection. Roof type, building use, chemical exposure, budget, and the Arizona climate – these are just a few of the many factors that influence the best choice of products for your roof. Our team of experts will consider these factors in helping you make an informed decision about which of our product lines will best serve your purposes.
  • Budget considerations. Our manufacturers provide products covering a wide range of roofing styles at varying prices so that we can accommodate nearly any budget. We will evaluate your needs and suggest the best product lines to suit your budgetary needs – and we’ll have frank discussions, when necessary, about what options your current budget won’t cover.
  • On-site project presence. We make multiple in-person visits to the job site while construction is underway, double-checking to ensure the roofing products are installed according to manufacturer specifications and Arizona building codes.

Resources for Building Code Compliance in Arizona:

  • UpCodes: provides the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry in Arizona with the tools necessary for managing building codes, clarifying requirements, and ensuring compliance. See:
  • The International Code Council (ICC): an international association for building safety professionals. The ICC Digital Codes provides collection codes by state. For Arizona state, click here.
  • In the State of Arizona, commercial property owners need to account for commercial property taxes as part of the ongoing expense of ownership. However, as a major incentive for Arizona property owners, the state provides an enhanced commercial property depreciation method to help owners pay less tax on the properties themselves and any rental income associated with those properties.

    Take a closer look at these tax benefits and other tax deductions Arizona commercial property owners should know about here.

Our job is simple – to protect your building assets.

As your local Arizona roofing products partner, RoofSource is committed to making sure your next commercial roof repair or replacement project is performed to the highest standards of quality. So choose us for first-class commercial roofing, Arizona. Contact us to learn more.


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