Commercial Roofing California

Commercial Roofing California

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Whether your roofing project is in Los Angeles, San Diego, Hollywood, Long Beach, or elsewhere in Southern California, RoofSource is your local partner to ensure your project is done to the highest standards of excellence. Contact us to learn more about commercial roofing, California.

Find Premium Roofing Contractor, California

RoofSource represents some of the industry’s most reputable building product manufacturers – but we’re much more than a product company. As a builder’s manufacturer representative, we work closely with our California clients to evaluate their needs and recommend the right products for their unique challenges, maintaining a high-touch presence on the project from start to finish. For that purpose, we offer a wide range of services to ensure your commercial roofing project is done right. Our services include:

  • Roof assessments. We will inspect your roof in person to determine its condition, then provide an objective assessment of what your roof needs and does not need.
  • Product selection. Many factors such as roof type, building use, chemical exposure, and climate, help inform the right products to use on your roof. (The State of California has sixteen unique climate zones, for example, each presenting different roofing challenges.) We help you choose the best roofing products for your building’s style, where it’s located, and how it’s being used.
  • Warranty selection. It can be difficult to choose among the many warranty options for your roof project. We evaluate many factors to help you decide on the best warranty for your needs at a price you can afford.
  • Specification writing. To ensure your project meets industry standards and complies with California building codes, we create detailed construction documents that provide the specifications for your commercial roof system’s repair or replacement. This gives contractors a starting point so that they can plan their bids.
  • Contractor selection. We make it easier for contractors to bid on your project by helping you develop a scope of work and specifications for your project. Then, we invite only trusted contractors from your California community to review these documents before bidding. It’s much less complicated to compare bids when they are all based on the same scope.

On-site project presence. To ensure that the roofing products we’ve recommended are installed according to California building codes and manufacturer specifications, we visit your job site at the outset of the project and make regular visits while construction is underway.

Resources for Building Code Compliance in California:

  • UpCodes: provides the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry in Nevada with the tools necessary for managing building codes, clarifying requirements, and ensuring compliance. See:
  • The International Code Council (ICC): an international association for building safety professionals. The ICC Digital Codes provides collection codes by state. For California state, click here.
  • California Roofing Codes for New Commercial Properties – Perhaps nowhere in the United States do commercial property owners and managers have more compliance challenges with roofing codes than California. Not only must commercial roofing systems stand up to the typical elements such as weather, heat, UV exposure, etc., but they must also do so while complying with some of the strictest green building codes in the U.S.

In addition to this, California’s location along the Pacific Rim (the so-called “Ring of Fire”) means buildings must also be constructed to resist cataclysmic events like earthquakes and tsunamis – and, thanks to California’s hot, dry climate, wildfires. That’s a lot to consider!

Our job is simple – to protect your building assets.

So, whether your roofing project is in Los Angeles, San Diego, Hollywood, or Long Beach, we provide the expertise and support you need to find a premium commercial roofing contractor in California. We’re here to ensure the job is done right; contact us to learn more.


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