Chemlink Roof Sealants

Chemlink offers a comprehensive line of roof sealant products and sealant systems designed for nearly every roof type and application.

RoofSource partners only with the best manufacturers and brands, which is why Chemlink is one of our preferred partners for their high-performance line of solvent free, non-toxic polyether sealants, adhesive/sealants, roof tape, and related products.


Chemlink Sealant Products

Roof sealants are used to provide an additional layer of waterproofing and protection against the elements, not only to reinforce areas of potential vulnerability against leaks but also to extend the lifespan of the roof itself. Applying a sealer is a critical step for commercial projects, especially for flat or low slope roofs where water may pond and accumulate. Sealants may occur in pourable or caulk form; they may be applied over an entire roof surface, or they may be applied directly to joints, flashing, and seams, depending on the application.


Chemlink’s products are solvent-free and environmentally friendly with low-VOC content and minimal outgassing, making this brand an excellent choice for green homes and projects seeking LEED certification.

First established in 1990, Chemlink is a company dedicated to developing, formulating, and producing high-performance adhesives, sealants, coatings, and related products for contractors roofing industry professionals, prioritizing their efforts around creating products with low environmental impact and lowered health risks to the users. Headquartered in Schoolcraft, MI, Chemlink maintains two manufacturing facilities and a fully-staffed R&D facility with more than 25 years of experience mastering polyether and silicone technologies.

Below is just a sampling of the types of sealant products they offer:

These gun grade, moisture curing joint sealants are designed to bond to a wide range of substances, including glass, concrete, metal, and most roofing materials. They are also ideal for expansion joints and can accommodate a wide range of joint movement.

Popular examples include Novalink 35, formulated for damp surfaces, cold climates, and dry climates; Chemlink M-1, an excellent all-around structural adhesive/sealant that bonds to most building surfaces; and Duralink 35, a multi-purpose elastomeric sealant that works well for many applications, including many difficult surfaces.

Chemlink roof tape is formulated to adhere to many different roofing surfaces, including TPO, EPDM, BUR, SBS Mod Bit, and many others. It can withstand temperatures as low as -70 degrees Fahrenheit without losing integrity.

Examples include Doublestick Roof Repair Tape, designed to provide a waterproofing bond between two often-different surfaces; and RoofSeal Roof Repair Tape, designed with added resistance to UV light.

Chemlink’s Chemcurb Penetration Seal Components are a series of precast polyester resin components designed to be impervious to ice, corrosion, UV light, and ponding water.

With Chemlink’s E-Curb penetration seal systems, you can say goodbye to metal pitch pans and hello to versatile 1-part polyether pourable sealants that can be installed in under 15 minutes without the need for flashing or mechanical attachment.

Chemlink also offers a variety of accessory products for roof sealant prep, which include liquid flashing, seal primers, cleaners, and more.

Why Partner with RoofSource?

RoofSource helps you streamline and simplify your selection of commercial roofing products by matching you with the best products for your needs and budget. We follow a simple process:

  • We listen, survey, and analyze your budget.
  • We provide options best suited to your needs based on many factors such as building codes, project location, system features, life-cycle costs, and available tax incentives.
  • We collaborate with specifiers and contractors, produce specifications, and review bids to ensure you’re getting the best results.
  • We work closely with those affiliated with your project and have a presence on-site.
  • We follow up, provide a final review, and report on the project.

To learn more about Chemlink Sealant Products and find out how we can help you streamline your next roofing project, contact RoofSource today.


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