Carlisle WIP Underlayment

Carlisle WIP Products produces some of the most trusted premium roofing underlayment products on the market.

RoofSource partners only with reputable manufacturers and brands with high-quality products that will serve our customers’ needs. Carlisle WIP Products serve the needs of both steep-slope and low-slope residential and commercial roofing projects, providing superior water-and-ice protection for a wide range of roof structures and temperature zones.


Carlisle WIP Underlayment Products

Based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Carlisle WIP is a division of Carlisle Construction Materials Incorporated, a roofing industry leader for more than 50 years. They are committed to producing reliable, durable roofing products backed by a long reputation of excellence. They provide detailed drawings and installation instructions to ensure faster installation and maximum results.

Carlisle’s WIP roofing underlayment products consist of a line of rubberized asphalt underlayment membranes designed to offer enhanced waterproofing and protection against ice dams compared to typical felt roofing underlayments. They can be applied across the entire roof substrate or specifically applied to critical places like ridges, eaves, rake edges, valleys, dormers, and skylights to prevent water penetration in these vulnerable areas.

Some of the benefits of Carlisle WIP underlayments:

  • Compatible with a wide range of roof systems, including asphalt shingles, metal roofs, clay tile, concrete, and synthetic roofs
  • UL classified
  • Low lifecycle cost
  • Split-release film allows for fast, easy installation
  • Resistant to cracking, drying, and rotting, allowing for long-term waterproofing performance
  • Self-adhering — no need for additional adhesives
  • Prevents water seepage by creating a seal around roofing nails, staples, and screws
  • Designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures and extreme weather conditions
  • Concealed waterproofing system that protects the architectural aesthetics of any roof

Specific model types are listed below:

  • WIP GRIP, a skid-resistant membrane that provides exceptional slip resistance for both wet and dry applications. Excellent for shingle applications with a 90-day exposure time.
  • WIP 100, an economical solution providing superior water-tightness and ice damming protection with a 30-day exposure time.
  • WIP 100SG, a summer-grade version of the WIP 100 designed for higher ambient temperatures with a 30-day exposure time.
  • WIP 250HT, designed for high-temperature applications, this membrane will withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees. Ideal for metal roofs and mechanically attached tile. 180-day exposure time.
  • WIP 300HT, a high tensile strength underlayment for a wide range of roof types. Withstands temperatures up to 250 degrees, available in black or white. Exposure time up to 180 days.
  • WIP 401LT, specially designed for low-temperature applications (ambient temperature 30-70 degrees) with a 60-day exposure time.

Why Partner with RoofSource?

RoofSource helps you streamline and simplify your selection of commercial roofing products by matching you with the best products for your needs and budget. We follow a simple process:

  • We listen, survey, and analyze your budget.
  • We provide options best suited to your needs based on many factors such as building codes, project location, system features, life-cycle costs, and available tax incentives.
  • We collaborate with specifiers and contractors, produce specifications, and review bids to ensure you’re getting the best results.
  • We work closely with those affiliated with your project and have a presence on-site.
  • We follow up, provide a final review, and report on the project.

To learn more about Carlisle WIP Products and find out how we can help you streamline your next roofing project, contact RoofSource today.


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