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Fire and Wind Safety for Commercial Roofs: Important Considerations 

A commercial building’s roofing system plays a critical role in its performance and longevity while protecting interior building components and ensuring that occupants stay safe. […]MORE
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Vegetated Roofing Systems: What You Need To Know

Climate-friendly construction continues to increase in popularity and user acceptance. Recent reports show that the Global Green Buildings market is growing at a massive compound […]MORE

Top Considerations for the Thermal Performance of Commercial Roofing Systems in Nevada

The thermal performance of your commercial property has a significant impact on your total utility costs. A building’s envelope does more than protect against the […]MORE

The State of Commercial Property Investments in Nevada in 2022

COVID-19 profoundly impacted business dynamics, especially for commercial property owners. Hybrid office setups, changes to retail shopping methods, and supply chain issues within industrial centers […]MORE
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How to Plan a Successful Roofing Commercial Project: 6 Important Factors to Consider In California

A well-maintained commercial roof is a critical component of any commercial facility. If based in California, your building and roofing system could be exposed to […]MORE
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What You Need to Know About Energy Efficient Commercial Roofs in California

If you own commercial property in California, your roofing system needs to meet some of the strictest environmentally-friendly building code standards in the United States. […]MORE
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How Often Does Your Commercial Roof Need Maintenance in California?

In an earlier blog, we looked at the top five causes of commercial roof failure, discussing factors such as: We concluded that, whether you’re based […]MORE

Arizona Commercial Property Depreciation and Other Tax Benefits You Should Know About

In the State of Arizona, commercial property owners need to account for commercial property taxes as part of the ongoing expense of ownership. However, as […]MORE

California Roofing Codes for New Commercial Properties

Perhaps nowhere in the United States do commercial property owners and managers have more compliance challenges with roofing codes than California. Not only must commercial […]MORE
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Sustainable Roofing Materials: The Building Owner’s Guide

As the global climate crisis continues to be a point of major concern, the call for more sustainable building practices has never been more poignant. […]MORE