Product Selection

As a building products manufacturer representative company for some of the best roofing products companies in the business, RoofSource partners with architects, building owners, and facility managers to ensure the best product selection for any roof installation, repair, restoration, or replacement.

By listening to your needs and assessing the condition of your roof, RoofSource helps you define the scope of work necessary for your project. We then use CSI standardized specification guidelines to determine the types and quality of materials needed to complete the project in compliance with building codes and local conditions, as well as prescribing the specific warranties you need to ensure quality installation and workmanship.


Selecting the Right Products for a Roofing Project

Aside from proper installation and workmanship, the quality and long-term integrity of your roof hinge on choosing the right roofing products for the job. Different roofing products are prescribed for a wide range of conditions, including weather factors, roof type, purpose of the building, etc. For example, a manufacturing plant releasing chemical exhaust will need a resistant roof surface, or a building in a cold climate needs roofing materials designed to withstand the cold. Installing a roof with incorrect products, tools, or mechanisms can shorten the life span of the roof at best, and cause costly roof failures and other property damage at worst.

Working with RoofSource mitigates the risk of using the wrong materials on your roofing project, ensuring long-term performance and safety for your roof. Our team of skilled experts can evaluate your project and make recommendations based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Building usage. What is the building used for, and are there any special considerations?
  • Building and roof type. We look at the building structure and slope of the roof to determine the best materials and installation recommendations.
  • Location and climate zone. What weather/temperature conditions will the roof be exposed to?
  • Tax incentives. Are there any tax savings benefits to using specific materials?
  • Warranties. What types of warranties are available to back up the quality of the products?

Product Selection Guarantees with RoofSource

One Scope of Work and Specifications Document (to Guide Them)

RoofSource does the legwork upfront to create one source of truth for project scope and product specifications. This enables contractors to bid apples for apples using similar products.

On-site Presence and Follow-Up

We show up at the job site at the beginning of construction and follow up to make sure product specifications are being met.

Guaranteed Contractor and Product Warranties

We confirm that your contractors comply with minimum state contractor labor warranty requirements. We also follow up to ensure proper installation to meet the requirements for manufacturer warranties.

Professional Partnerships Only

We partner only with highly trained, licensed contractors and reputable product manufacturers to make sure the right materials for the job are selected and installed.

Why Partner with RoofSource?

RoofSource helps you streamline and simplify your selection of commercial roofing products by matching you with the best products for your needs and budget. We follow a simple process:

  • We listen, survey and analyze your budget.
  • We provide options best suited to your needs based on many factors such as building codes, project location, system features, life-cycle costs and available tax incentives.
  • We collaborate with specifiers and contractors, produce specifications and review bids to ensure you’re getting the best results.
  • We work closely with those affiliated with your project and have a presence on-site.
  • We follow up, provide a final review and report on the project.

Let RoofSource help you find the best solutions for your commercial roofing needs. To learn more about our commercial roof assessment services, contact RoofSource today.


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